Our Fleet Vehicle Types 

7.5 Ton Curtainsider 

Vehicle Type: Truck Curtainsider
Loading Length: 616cm (20.2 Ft)
Pallet Spaces:
10 x Standard Pallets
14 x Euro Pallets
Payload: 2,400kg

Loading Dimensions:

Loading Height:

Loading Width:
Loading Length Between Posts:
586cm (19.2Ft)

Box Luton
With Tail lift

Vehicle Type:     
Box Van
Loading Length:  404cm (13.3 Ft)
Pallet Spaces:   
6 x Standard Pallets
8x Euro Pallets
Payload: 720kg

Loading Dimensions:

Back Door Height: 194cm
Back Door Width: 201cm
Inside Height: 201cm
Inside Width: 209cm
Tail lift Width: 209cm
Tail lift Length: 144cm

Box Van

Vehicle Type:
Box Van
Loading Length: 452cm  (14.8 Ft)
Pallet Spaces:
4 x Standard Pallets
5x Euro Pallets
Payload:  880kg

Loading Dimensions:

Back Door Height: 177cm
Back Door Width: 148cm
Inside Height: 189cm
Between Wheel Arches: 125cm

18 Ton

Vehicle Type:
Truck Curtainsider
Loading Length: 714cm (23.4 Ft )
Pallet Spaces:
14 x Standard Pallets
16 x Euro Pallets
Payload: 9,500kg

Loading Dimensions:

Loading Height: 
Loading Width: 
Width Between Posts:
Loading Length
Between Posts:
700cm (22.96 Ft)

Back Door: Roller Shutter
Back Door Height: 233cm
Back Door Width:


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